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Political Action Hours

Political Action Hours

  1. All hours count for activities that are political in nature or support the Republican philosophy. This includes in person and conference or web-based events.
  2. Paid hours count if not your primary income. Hours as Election Judge, Clerk Poll watcher, door knocking, phone bank calling and other activities.
  3. Hours for elected officials who receive a stipend salary can be counted. Such as Texas State Senators and Representatives, some city council and school board members. Don't forget to count the hours of time they spend out and about the community.
  4. Hours for your club meetings, general monthly meetings, board, committee meetings including travel time.
  5. Work done for campaigns, including all work for mailings, preparing signs, telephoning, door knocking, poll greeting etc. Work can be performed at any location, home, campaign headquarters, GOP offices, polling locations. Include any travel time.
  6. Hours spent at a special event, including all organizing, planning and cleanup. Even events you pay for or are compensated for.
  7. All hours at Texas Federation board meetings, events, conventions, training, includes event preparation and travel time.
  8. Any hours spent as a precinct chair or assisting your precinct chair.
  9. Travel and time spent at Republican Party events, including County Executive meetings, SREC meetings, Precinct conventions, County/SD Conventions, State convention, National Convention. 
  10. Party Committee work, local or state. Includes any committee meetings, and preparation.
  11. Volunteering at TFRW headquarters or local GOP headquarters 
  12. Committee work performed for appointments made at the local, county or state level. Includes travel time, preparation and associated activities. 
  13. Political candidates may count all campaign hours. 
  14. Work on local “non” partisan elections counts, if work is done for known Republican candidates, this includes city and school board elections. 
  15. SREC work, including time spent creating reports, committee work, quarterly meetings, updating local CEC and clubs.
  16. Voter registration work, include time and travel to become certified, and drop off forms. Set up and work on Voter registration drive booth/events, include clean up.
  17. Time spent voting.

Tracking of Political Calls

You will track your number of political calls separately from your hours. Note: the time spent making calls counts under your political action hours

  • Calls of a political nature or for club activities
  • Time spent voting.
  • Calls made to elected officials
  • Calls made for voter registration, GOTV
  • Calls made for campaigns
  • Calls to remind members of club meetings/events/membership
  • Calls in support or opposition to legislation

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