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Since July 17, 1962 when the club for Plano Republican Women

was founded, we have been working to advance conservative  principles 

and candidates in Plano, Collin County, the State of Texas and

Washington D.C.

Our daytime luncheon meeting is planned to make good use of time

so members may stay up-to-date on issues in this community and in

our country. 

PRW Membership also supports TFRW, NFRW, literacy, education and

local community service programs,

We invite you to join Plano Republican Women.  Please come to a

meeting for membership forms and answers to any questions you may

have about membership.

Membership levels for 2023

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  • $40 annually for full single membership

         (PRW receives $15, TFRW and NFRW receive $25)

  • ​$45 annually for full single membership plus spouse
  • ​$25 annually for associate membership*
  • ​$20 annually for young affiliate membership (young women age 10-17)
  • $140 Patron Membership (includes full single membership)
  • $145 Patron Membership plus spouse

for men or active members of other Republican Women clubs

​Residence in Plano is not required - we welcome members from all communities.

2023 Membership payments must be received by Jan 31, 2023 in order to remain

in good standing with TFRW and NFRW.

For more information please contact

Become a Sponsor:

Sponsorship levels for 2023

Download a Sponsorship Form

  • $200 Platinum:  Ad in the Membership directory & Newsletter; Webpage image w/link to your website & associate membership for your spouse
  • $150 Gold:  Ad in the Newsletter, Webpage image w/link to your website & associate membership for your spouse

  • $100 Silver:  Ad in the Newsletter & listing on the Website OR Webpage image w/link to your website
  • $75 Bronze:  Ad in the Membership Directory/listing on the Website

For more information on sponsorships please contact:

Your membership/sponsorship may be paid by

check payable to Plano Republican Women (PRW)

at any PRW meeting or by mail to the address below. ​​

Please include the Member/Sponsor Form and 3 business cards.


                       Plano Republican Women

                        P.O. Box 940461

                        ​Plano, Texas 75094-0461

Printed MEMBER/SPONSOR FORMS are available at PRW meetings

Membership - ​Join PRW

"Either you will control your government,

or government will control you." 

Ronald Reagan, December 7, 1973   

Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Funds received in response to this solicitation may be used in connection with federal elections and will be subject to federal contribution limits. Contributions from corporations, labor organizations, federal government contractors, foreign nationals and individuals 17 years or younger are prohibited.

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​when women work we win

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