Dr. Laura Pressley is a former candidate for the Austin City Council in 2014.  In 2019, Dr. Pressley prevailed in a historic election integrity case in the Texas Supreme Court and she will be discussing her case and the legal precedent that now impacts all candidates in Texas.

 Dr. Pressley has given over 280 presentations in the last three years across the state on the technical details of how Texas’ electronic voting machines are not adhering to state laws and how the Texas Secretary of State’s Election Division is providing unconstitutional waivers to election law regarding electronic voting machines.

 With all the election integrity issues being reported across our state, Texans have had enough.  We are ready to take back our power at the voting booth and Dr. Pressley has formed True Texas Elections, LLC to support candidates, voters and PAC’s to ensure honest elections in Texas.

Since July 17, 1962 when the club for Plano Republican Women was founded, we have been working to advance conservative  principles and candidates in Plano, Collin County, the State of Texas and ​Washington D.C.

Our daytime luncheon meeting is planned to make good use of time so members may stay up-to-date on issues in this community and in our country.

PRW Membership also supports TFRW, NFRW, literacy, education and local community service programs,​

We invite you to join Plano Republican Women.  

Please come to a meeting for membership forms and answers to any questions you may have about membership.

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History of the Plano Republican Women’s club

On July 17, 1962, the Plano Republican Women’s Club (PRWC) was organized to work for the election of Republican candidates at the local, state, and national levels.  At that time, there were no Republican elected officials in Collin County and no Republican women’s clubs.

During the next two decades PRWC’s efforts at building the Republican Party and working for Republican candidates were important in achieving today’s Republican majority in Collin County.

In 2002, PRWC changed its name to “Plano Republican Women” and celebrated its 40th anniversary, continuing its tradition as an active, vibrant organization of capable women who offer time, talent, money, and leadership toward the election efforts of Republican candidates at the local, state, and national levels.  


​​PRW meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month 
(except June, July and December or as noted on the home page)

Next General Meeting: 
Tuesday, May 21, 2019
​​​​Location: Reflections on Spring Creek, 1901 East Spring Creek Parkway

Time: 11:15 am: Arrive and check-in, 11:30 am: Meeting, Lunch & Program

PRW membership is not required to attend our meeting

Lunch is available with RSVP for $20 in cash or check payable to PRW
RSVPs for lunch must be made by 5 pm the Friday before the meeting
RSVPs to attend without lunch may be made up to 5pm the Monday before the Tuesday meeting

 To RSVP send an email to:
 Include your name in your email and say whether you will/will not be having lunch